About Maria’s Dolls

Impression from the door

Impression from the door

Maria’s Dolls is a project by Jim Zielinski and Birte Ehrich.

In 2008 we bought 5000 dolls in one time, for reasons unknown except that they were visually stunning.

We met the dolls and the dolls met us. Despite we do not see ourselves as doll collectors, a collection of so many dolls is quite suspicious. We know.

But these generations of plastic we believe have an incredible potential. They are stuffed with energy from children who treated them like their best friend. Many of these children are not even alive anymore.

Many stories, bits of history yet unknown.

A piece of art in progress or just madness? We are not sure yet. We do not want to look at things too seriously. Maybe we just want to see the smile on your face!


You’ll find us here:

Maria’s Dolls Amsterdam
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 133
1012 GD Amsterdam

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